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investor relations

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DISCLAIMER: “In case your complaint has not been properly redressed by us, you may lodge your complaint with Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (the “SECP”). However, please note that SECP will entertain only those complaints which were at first directly requested to be redressed by the Company and the company has failed to redress the same. Further, the complaints that are not relevant to SECP’s regulatory domain/competence shall not be entertained by the SECP.”


    Notices of General Meeting & Dividend Announcements
    Content Listمواد کی فہرستDownloadڈاؤن لوڈ
    Ballot Paper for voting in the EGM September 11, 2023ای جی ایم میں ووٹنگ کے لیے بیلٹ پیپر، 11 ستمبر 2023Ballot Paper for voting in the EGM September 11, 2023Ballot Paper for voting in the EGM September 11, 2023
    Notice of EGM September 11, 2023ای جی ایم کا نوٹس 11 ستمبر 2023Notice of EGM September 11, 2023Notice of EGM September 11, 2023
    Ballot Paper for Voting in the EGM July 13,2023ای جی ایم 13 جولائی 2023 کو ووٹنگ کے لیے بیلٹ پیپرBallot Paper for Voting in the EGM 13.07.2023Ballot Paper for Voting in the EGM 13.07.2023
    Notice of EGM July 13, 2023ای جی ایم کا نوٹس 13 جولائی 2023Notice of EGM 13.07.2023Notice of EGM 13.07.2023
    Ballot Paper for E Voting in the AGMاے جی ایم میں ای ووٹنگ کے لیے بیلٹ پیپرBallot Paper for E voting in the AGMBallot Paper for E voting in the AGM
    Notice of AGM 30-05-2023اے جی ایم کا نوٹس 30-05-2023Notice of AGM 30-05-2023Notice of AGM 30-05-2023
    Notice of EGM 20-01-2023ای جی ایم 17-10-2022 کا نوٹسNoticeofEGM20-01-2023NoticeofEGM20-01-2023
    Notice of EGM 17-10-2022ای جی ایم 17-10-2022 کا نوٹسNoticeofEGM17-10-2022NoticeofEGM17-10-2022
    Notice of AGM 28-04-2022ای جی ایم 28-04-2022 کا نوٹس Notice-of-72nd-AGM-Booklet-2021Notice-of-72nd-AGM-Booklet-2021
    Notice of EGM 13-07-2021ای جی ایم 13-07-2021 کا نوٹسDLL-Notice-of-EGM-July-13-2021-FinalDLL-Notice-of-EGM-July-13-2021-Final
    Notice of AGM 29-04-2021ای جی ایم 29-04-2021 کا نوٹس 3462dbcd-notice-of-71st-agm-booklet-20203462dbcd-notice-of-71st-agm-booklet-2020
    Notice of EGM 13-07-2020ای جی ایم 13-07-2020 کا نوٹسDLL-Notice-of-EGM-13-07-2020DLL-Notice-of-EGM-13-07-2020
    Notice of AGM 20-05-2020ای جی ایم 20-05-2020 کا نوٹسNotice-of-AGM-BookletNotice-of-AGM-Booklet
    Notice of EGM 20-01-2020ای جی ایم 20-01-2020 کا نوٹسDLLNoticeofEGM20012020DLLNoticeofEGM20012020
    Dividend 30 Q2 2019ڈیویڈنڈ 30 Q2 2019dividend-30-q2-2019dividend-30-q2-2019
    Notice of EGM 12-07-2019ای جی ایم 12-07-2019 کا نوٹسnotice-of-egm-12-07-2019notice-of-egm-12-07-2019
    Dividend 40 Q1 2019ڈیویڈنڈ 40 Q1 2019dividend-40-q1-2019dividend-40-q1-2019
    Notice of AGM 30-04-2019اے جی ایم کا نوٹس 30-04-2019Notice of AGM 30-04-2019Notice of AGM 30-04-2019
    Dividend 40 2018ڈیویڈنڈ 40 2018Dividend 40 2018Dividend 40 2018
    Dividend 20 Q3 2018ڈیویڈنڈ Q3 20 2018Dividend 20 Q3 2018Dividend 20 Q3 2018
    Notice of EGM 06-07-2018ای جی ایم 06-07-2018 کا نوٹسNotice of EGM July 6Notice of EGM July 6
    Notice of AGM 25-04-2018اے جی ایم کا نوٹس 25-04-2018Notice of AGM April 25, 2018Notice of AGM April 25, 2018
    Dividend 10 2017ڈیویڈنڈ 10 2017dividend-10-2017dividend-10-2017
    Notice of EGM 09-10-2017ای جی ایم 09-10-2017 کا نوٹسnotice-of-egm-09-10-2017notice-of-egm-09-10-2017
    Notice of AGM 25-04-2017اے جی ایم کا نوٹس 25-04-2017notice-of-agm-25-04-2017notice-of-agm-25-04-2017
    Notice of EGM 20-01-2017ای جی ایم 20-01-2017 کا نوٹسnotice-of-egm-20-01-2017notice-of-egm-20-01-2017
    Dividend 50 2016ڈیویڈنڈ 50 2016dividend-50-2016dividend-50-2016
    Notice of EGM 06-12-2016ای جی ایم کا نوٹس 06-12-201643ee66e2-1.-notice-of-egm-06-12-201643ee66e2-1.-notice-of-egm-06-12-2016